Are you one of the 25 million people that suffers from bladder leakage?

Our treatments are quick, painless and are performed with your clothes on. In just 24 (20-minute) treatments over 8 weeks, your quality of life can be improved forever!

Over 80% Effective

Thoroughly studied and cleared by the FDA

40+ clinical studies back the science

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Jan's Testimonial

“I had increasing trouble with incontinence, even when walking. Carrying even light weights would cause a flow. After just two treatments, I noticed significant improvement. Over the course of treatment, the vast improvement was a great encouragement. No more leaking while walking. If I have emptied my bladder recently, I can even carry weight without leaking.”
– Jan

Our Locations

Currently, Pelvic Wave can be found in healthcare providers throughout North Carolina and Virginia.

Learn how our FDA-Cleared technology can strengthen your pelvic floor and change your life.

Pelvic Wave is most effective treating bladder leakage, a symptom to what is referred by Urologists as Stress and Urge related incontinence. Post treatment, 80% of our customers experience a significant level of control over their urinary issues.

What Does Pelvic Wave Do?
The Pelvic Wave system is intended to provide passive, painless and non-invasive magnetic stimulation of the musculature for the purpose of rehabilitating weak muscles and restoring neuromuscular control.

During a single session, a patient’s pelvic floor musculature is contracted over 1,000 times.

Why Pelvic Wave?
No surgery, no pain, no embarrassment. Patients simply sit in our proprietary Pelvic Wave Chair with their clothes on.

The magnetic pulses stimulate up to 4 inches into the muscular structure, producing an active involuntary contraction.

Over time, this produces strength and generates new neuro-pathways to the brain which allow your body to naturally regain control of pelvic floor function.

Over the course of treatment, the compromised muscles are rehabilitated from both a physiological and neurological standpoint.

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How Does Pelvic Wave Work?

The treatment is painless and non-invasive. Patients simply sit in a Pelvic Wave Chair with their clothes on.

Once seated, a certified operator will turn on the power supply to begin treatment. An adjustment of the settings and power intensity are performed based on the specific patient’s parameters.

Each treatment is a total of 20 minutes. Both women and men can be treated.

How Many Treatments Does It Take?

Prior to treatment, each patient fills out a survey to determine their baseline condition. Our standard treatment protocol is 24 sessions over a consecutive 8-week period. A typical schedule is three sessions per week.

Once the initial treatment has ended, we recommend bi-annual visits every six months (3 treatments in a week) for pelvic floor maintenance.

Does Insurance Cover the Costs?

Currently, Pelvic Wave treatments are not covered by insurance.

The cost is $2,499 for the full program. If after 12 treatments the patient experiences no improvement, they have the option to discontinue the program and are refunded for the remaining 12 treatment sessions.

Bi-annual maintenance visits are recommended. The cost is $199 for three treatments in a given week.

Will I Feel Any Discomfort?

During treatment, patients will experience a level of tingling and a contraction of the pelvic floor and surrounding muscle structures.

Like most “workouts” patients may experience some soreness and muscle fatigue at the end of treatment. This is typical within the first 2-3 weeks of the program.

Over time, the muscular structure is strengthened and new neuro-pathways are established between the brain and the pelvic floor structure. This combination generates positive long-term effects.

Are There Contraindications?

We do not treat patients who have the following conditions:

  • Who are pregnant or think they may be pregnant
  • Have an implantable cardiac pacemaker or implantable cardio defibrillator
  • Have a history of cardiac arrhythmia or arterial fibrillation (AFib)

Any Additional Side Effects?

In addition to the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscular structure, other surrounding muscles are also improved.

For women, these include but are not limited to the gluteal region, vaginal wall, hamstring and abdomen.

For men, these include but are not limited to the gluteal region, hamstring, and abdomen. Additionally, Pelvic Wave treatments can also increase urinary stream and enhance sexual performance.



Joe S.

I have a new lease on life now that I’m not worried about wearing adult diapers to the gym. I thought I was doomed to a life sentence of incontinence but now I feel free to live like I did years ago. I’m so glad I found a cure without surgery or pills.


“I am a 52-year-old wife and mother. I have been struggling with a 1 ½ inch hemorrhoid since my daughter was born 22 years ago. This September it flared up and was terribly swollen. I had tried sitz baths, hemorrhoid creams, suppositories, and witch hazel pads. It wasn’t responding to any treatment, so I decided to mention my problem to Dr. Arnone. Immediately, he suggested ‘The Chair.’ After just 3 treatments, my hemorrhoid was pulled back inside my body and I could walk, sit, and drive pain free. I was amazed. Another unexpected benefit was that my bladder, which from time to time would leak when I laughed too hard, wasn’t leaking anymore as well! I think Dr. Arnone should call it ‘The Miracle Chair.’

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History of Magnetic Induction

Pelvic Wave is based on technology known as ExMI (Extracorporeal Magnetic Innervation). In the mid-1800’s, renowned British scientist Michael Faraday published his Law of Magnetic Induction.

Faraday discovered that muscle contractions could be induced by the application of time-varying magnetic fields.

Pelvic Wave’s technology is FDA-Cleared with a designated 510k, has been published in more than a dozen clinical journals around the world and has more than 40 clinical studies backing its science and outcomes.

Our mission is to significantly improve the quality of life for our patients who suffer from urinary incontinence. We do this through a safe, non-invasive and pain-free process using the revolutionary ExMI technology.

Gradient magnetic pulses are produced by the bio-electric magnet. These fields penetrate the patient’s smooth and striated muscles, causing them to contract.

The time-varying magnetic fields create an electrical potential that causes ion flow (Eddy currents) within the targeted tissues. The musculature responds with contractions determined by the output pulse rate of the system.

When the output pulse rate exceeds that of the muscle’s ability to contract and relax with each pulse, the result is a constant and steady contraction.

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Balanced Body Center — 704-849-9393
(10550 Independence Pointe Pkwy #100, Matthews, NC 28105)
Carolina Total Care — 704-784-4445
(331 Coddle Market Dr NW #110, Concord, NC 28027)
Chiropractic Centers of Virginia — Mag CENTER — 804-739-7700
(6001 Harbour Park Dr, Midlothian, VA, USA)
Denver Chiropractic — 704-489-2273
(1895 State Road 16, Denver, NC, USA)
Dilworth Chiropractic — 704-370-3701
(301 East Tremont Ave., Suite C, Charlotte, NC 28203)
Foundations for Health — 704-948-0173
(559 Davidson Gateway Dr., Suite 200, Davidson, NC 28035)
Jaffe Chiropractic — 704-971-3275
(3230 Prosperity Church Rd #203, Charlotte, NC 28269)
True Health Center — 704-947-2902
(10215 Hickorywood Hill Ave, Huntersville, NC, USA)
OB/GYN clinics, Chiropractic practices, Physical Therapy facilities, Med Spas, Wellness Centers, Rehabilitation Hospitals and Plastic Surgery Centers.


Business Model

We lease equipment to entrepreneurs and existing businesses who cater to clientele who may experience symptoms of bladder leakage and urinary incontinence.

Upon execution of a lease, Pelvic Wave partners are trained and certified for safety and operational use.

Partners charge cash to customers for services rendered. A portion of your monthly lease is pooled with other local Pelvic Wave Centers to support education and brand awareness within your local market.

Types of Partners

Pelvic Wave has an ability to operate as a stand alone facility or can be incorporated into an existing practice.

The spatial requirement is approximately 25 square feet (5×5 ft space) and consists of a chair, power supply and end table/cabinet. Access to a standard 110V wall plug is also required.

Pelvic Wave partner examples include; OB/GYN clinics, Chiropractic practices, Physical Therapy facilities, Med Spas, Wellness Centers, Rehabilitation Hospitals and Plastic Surgery Centers.

Large Growing Markets

  • A CDC report in 2000 claimed that the cost of bladder incontinence among adults in the U.S. was estimated at $19.5 billion.
  • Urinary incontinence affects up to 25 million people in the US.
  • In women aged 42-64, approximately 68% experience urinary incontinence at least once a month.
  • A 2006 study published by Obstet Gynecol reported that women with incontinence spend an average of $900 annually managing this issue.
  • Urinary incontinence is a leading cause of falls and nursing home admission.
  • More than 33% of new mothers experience urinary incontinence postpartum.

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